Since the beginning of organizations, managers have struggled to “motivate” employees. They’ve studied theories from A-Z but have been unable to find a single solution that works for all employees, because employees, like everyone else, are unique and diverse. The most successful motivation technique is to recognize the conditions under which each person responds best and create those conditions.   In creating an environment that is conducive to individual success, it is important to understand and appreciate individual differences. Differences can be as obvious as nationality, culture, or gender; or as subtle as unstated perceptions, preferences, wants, and needs. Understanding and Motivating Others gives managers and team leaders the knowledge and skills to create a climate in which individuals and team members work at peak levels of performance. They will learn to appreciate their unique perception, preferences, and differences and accommodate and adapt to meet their needs.
Course Overview In Understanding and Motivating Others, the knowledge that helps participants understand unique differences is gained from the Personal Profile System provided in the course. By scoring and interpreting the results of the Profile, participants clarify their own behavioral tendencies and thus understand more fully their own behavioral style. This facilitates the identification of the behavioral styles of others and the understanding of employees’ or team members’ particular perceptions, preferences, and needs.By recognizing others’ behavioral styles, managers can adapt to those styles in two ways. They can adapt their own behavior to create a more comfortable communication and behavioral style for the employee. They can also make changes in the environment to better meet individual needs and differences and create a supportive environment for individual and team success. Skill practice is provided by challenging participants to recognize individuals with differing behavioral styles in scenes on the video. The ability to recognize the styles of others is applied to their own situations as they “guess” the style of individuals or team members with whom they work. Further video observations and activities help participants plan and practice modifying their own style to adapt to the employee’s needs.

An in-depth understanding of behavioral styles and each style’s unique needs and preferences helps participants identify changes or conditions they can create in the workplace to meet employee’s needs and preferences for improved performance and job satisfaction.
Course Objectives

Specific objectives for course participants are:

  • Identify your behavioral style
  • Recognize others’ behavioral style
  • Adapt to the behavioral style of others by
  • Modifying your style
  • Accommodating needs and preferences


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