Assess Your Personal Presence In The New Workplace EnvironmentThe new workplace environment is increasingly sophisticated, economically uncertain, and focused on personal accountability for performance results. There is a strong correlation between exceptional performance and behaviors that are considered to succeed by agility of thought and problem solving.

Star players are those who are able to convey a sense of strength and control. The key to their career and personal success lies in maintaining critical professional competencies and conveying a robust professional presence.

Ask these 5  tough questions below to assess your own personal presence.

  1. What do I do that adds to every team or work environment I enter? What is my meaningful contribution? Your answer here is your brand promise.
  2. Does my brand promise directly relate to my career direction?
  3. Do others see the same professional presence that I am trying to convey?
  4. Are there gaps in my intended professional presence and others’ perceptions of it?
  5. What can I do to close those gaps?