Professional Presence In A Casual World

Professional presence includes a pride in your work and wanting to do things right, regardless of which type of business you are in or which job function within that business you perform. Professional presence has absolutely nothing to do with how many degrees you have or what your corporate title is. Inherent in professionalism is a sincere desire to help clients (both internal and external) achieve their goals and missions while you are achieving your own. Real professionals have an attitude of service and quality.

The world of work is moving at an incomparable pace and becoming more demanding each year. Societal forces have changed the way we dress, interact, communicate, and behave. Professionalism is an asset that you can build and add to your corporate resume. Being considered a professional has never been more important for today’s employee. The learning, skill sets, and knowledge you’ll gain throughout this workshop will enable you to make career decisions, position you for growth and movement, and enable you to develop abilities that can have an immediate impact on your performance. Through the transfer of training your professional presence will be enhanced.

Professional Presence Objectives & Outcomes

The essence of Professional Presence in a Casual World is to create an awareness of what professionalism is and what professional behavior looks like so that participants leave with ideas on how to enhance their current package, how to acquire a foundation of professionalism.

Professional Presence Today

It was probably easier to know how to behave at work in 1984 than it is today. Standards were set, policies were written, dress codes were uniform, and the daily work structure was mostly from 9 to 5. Along with the business world, society also had a stricter code of conduct, which made it easier to honor the rules simply because we knew what the rules were. Over the last 20-plus years many of the standards of behavior have changed. This has created a constant state of confusion over what to do, how to do, and the right thing to do with regard to professional behavior. The casual world of today affords you the luxury of working out of your home, you have less time for greater mobility [I don’t understand the phrase “less time for greater mobility], dress codes are almost non-existent, and there are more options for work/life balance. But even with the positive aspects of becoming a more informal society, all of this casual behavior has a price.

You can pick up a newspaper or magazine on any given day in North America and read about companies losing market share and not being able to find a pool of talent that can deliver what they promise. This country has one of the highest calibers of education in the world, yet we can’t meet deadlines, we don’t match our words with our actions, and we lose clients daily because of “whatever.” Professional Presence in a Casual World is about learning—or re-learning—the manners, values, and etiquette basics of yesterday and merging those understandings with the hip, casual, informal style of working that has been embraced by society.


Participants will discover how to:

  • Apply professional behavior to the corporate culture within which they are working
  • Function professionally within the structure of an organization according to its mission, vision and values
  • Develop strong internal relationships to augment job performance
  • Recognize daily actions that can detract from a professional image
  • Understand the strengths and differences of team members and how to work with individual styles to maximum productivity
  • Adopt simple techniques for professional etiquette
  • Polish manners to maintain a level of composure and confidence
  • Identify key elements to create an image that will enable them to reach their professional goals

Course Benefits

Building professional behavior throughout your organization creates an environment of courtesy, trust, and corporate commitment. Participants will enjoy their learning experience through interactive examples and role-play. Each module can be tailored to include your corporate culture and the philosophies that your organization is building. This course is an excellent reminder of how professional behavior is missing from our day-to-day interactions with our colleagues and co-workers. Participants will leave with at least one solid idea on how to enhance their professional image within the corporate operating environment.

Professional Presence in a Casual World is designed as a one-day course to be delivered by facilitators chosen by the organization. “Professionalism is about an attitude, your character, and how you treat others. Professional presence doesn’t rely upon a job title or a number of degrees. It is the essence of who you are.”


Please note that a facilitator guide is included with the one-time license fee of $2,500.00. Additional facilitator guides are $295.00 each. For additional information, or to order please call 800.282.3374.