Communicating to Manage Performance (CMP) is a core course. It provides the building blocks that emerging and experienced leaders need to make a powerful impact on their workplace. The topics include:

  • Clear communication
  • Ownership of behavior
  • Positive performance feedback
  • Active listening
  • Acknowledgement of ideas
  • Appropriate feedback for improvement


Overall Course Objectives

Communicating to Manage Performance is a dynamic skills-based course designed to empower managers, supervisors, and team leaders to build and sustain high performance in day-to-day interactions with effective and consistent communication.

Your managers will gain or enhance skills that allow them to:

  • Set expectations
  • Recognize and reinforce performance that is effective
  • Provide clear and timely redirection of performance or behavior that is ineffective or inappropriate
  • Hear and encourage the expression of ideas and issues
  • Value the unique contribution of each employee and co-worker


Objectives & Outcomes

The Communicating to Manage Performance Model delivers results of effective performance management!

  • Set Goals & Expectations
  • CMP teaches managers how to be clear and specific so that employees and team members understand their expectations. The course helps model open, honest communication on how to make requests for desired behaviors in ways that will help others listen and understand these requests.


  • Create Climate
  • To assist managers in creating and maintaining a work climate in which employees feel valued and are motivated to be involved in reaching the organizations goals, CMP shows participants how to listen more effectively and acknowledge ideas.


  • Reinforce & Redirect
  • To help employees maintain or increase desired performance, CMP teaches managers how to give effective, positive, and corrective feedback. This reinforcement acknowledges what employees are doing well and gives them the opportunity to redirect their behavior to correct performance deficiencies.


CMP Provides Skill-Based Course Content

EDSI’s packaged Communicating to Manage Performance course (two days of training content) is highly interactive and offers a skill-based approach to managing performance. Through the intensive use of the CMP Model, participants acquire immediately applicable job-specific skills.



Describing Behavior or Results

enables attendees to communicate clearly and objectively.



Using I-Statements

allows attendees to express their viewpoint in a way that promotes listening and cooperation.



Giving Positive Feedback

encourages the best possible performance by recognizing and reinforcing effective behaviors and results.



Active Listening

demonstrates interest in and understanding of the speaker’s message.



Acknowledging Ideas

promotes creativity and innovation by creating a climate where people’s ideas are valued and encouraged.



Giving Corrective Feedback

improves performance and develops employees’ capabilities.


This dynamic, performance management course enables managers and leaders to be more objective, consistent and proactive.


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