The leadership pipeline in your organization is critical to its success. Currently there is a sense of urgency in corporate America to provide general leadership training, to avoid an anticipated shortage of qualified individuals. The baby-boomer generation is about 76 million strong and is departing the workforce. Generation X has only 46 million and the Millennials are entering the workforce with about 74 million.

Obviously, there is an experience gap that requires fundamental employee development with communication-skills training, personal accountability, and behavioral assessments to filter for leadership training candidates. Leadership skills for the 21st century require vision, innovation and critical thinking blended with a strong understanding of collaborative efforts. A fundamental understanding of an individual’s approach to leading is necessary to fully develop emerging or experienced leaders.

At EDSI we offer a number of employee development courses, management training courses, behavioral assessments, and leadership training to fully prepare the workforce for today’s challenges. Some of our leadership development programs are listed below.