Efforts to “empower” employees often are ineffective because authentic empowerment comes from initiative and experience. This course motivates employees to action, alleviates their fears, and provides skills for taking initiative. Taking the Initiative is aimed at frontline employees, first-level supervisors and managers, and team leaders. Participants will be able to:Taking The Initiative

  • Identify opportunities to take initiative at work
  • Overcome self-limiting thoughts about taking initiative
  • Use the “if-then system” to weigh the consequences of action vs. inaction
  • Use “I-can” statements vs. “I-can’t” or “you-can’t” statements

Even more, participants will be able to take initiative to:

  • Act without direction
  • Communicate that action to the approver
  • Make suggestions for change and improvements
  • Follow up to ensure that customers’ needs are met

This is effective, practical program leads to tangible results in the workplace with employees who surprise supervisors by their initiative, teamwork, greater responsiveness and ability to accomplish more in the workplace.

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