Listen First to UnderstandAs bureaucracies are flattened and autonomy and decision-making are pushed further and further down into the organization, listening becomes, not just important, but vital. Managers, team leaders, and employees must listen in order to:

  • Gather information to participate in the decision-making process. A lot of this information is received verbally from others—managers, coworkers, customers, or suppliers.
  • Serve as a resource to others. Getting others to cooperate involves more than just telling them what is required. It involves hearing others’ suggestions and explanations as well.
  • Analyze problems and evaluate results. Most people need input from others to do this most effectively.
  • Understand the diversities of those whom they manage, direct, or support.

Participants learn to demonstrate listening in order to receive information accurately, defuse emotionally-charged situations, and respond non-defensively in the face of disagreement. This half- or one-day program includes the Listen First to Understand Facilitator Guide.

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