Identifying and Serving the CustomerTo gain a competitive edge, organizations need employees to buy into the heart of the quality effort by meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Employees must be able to align with the organization’s message to customers so that it becomes a reality that the customer experiences rather than a slogan from the marketing department. In Identifying and Serving the Customer, participants learn to recognize the value and power in serving others; identify specific customers, their needs and expectations; and acquire skills to communicate effectively with customers in routine and difficult situations.

Identifying and Serving the Customer PDFIdentifying and Serving the Customer embraces the best in superior customer service behaviors. The course begins and ends with a self-assessment that allows participants to see how their knowledge increases as a result of the course. Participants learn the importance of listening as the key to understanding the customer and solving customer problems and learn to practice active-listening responses to demonstrate to customers that they are listening and to reach clarification and understanding. Participants learn to use I-statements which help them to take responsibility in the customer interaction and to avoid defensiveness. This skill is used to explain to customers what can be done for them rather than what can’t.

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