“Empowering” employees does not always work because empowerment comes from initiative and experience. This course motivates employees to action, alleviates their fears, and provides skills for taking initiative.Participants will:

  • Identify opportunities to take initiative at work
  • Overcome self-limiting thoughts about taking initiative
  • Use the “if-then system” to weigh the consequences of action vs. inaction
  • Use “I-can” statements vs. “I-can’t” or “you-can’t” statements
    • Take initiative to:
    • Act without direction
    • Communicate that action to the approver
    • Make suggestions for change and/or improvements
    • Follow up to be sure customers’ needs are met


  • Frontline employees
  • first-level supervisors & managers
  • team leaders


  • Employees who surprise their supervisors and
    co-workers with their responsibility, initiative, and teamwork
  • Managers able to accomplish more, even with broadened areas of responsibility

Greater responsiveness to customers


  • 1 Leader’s Guide

LENGTH: 1/2 DAY or 1 DAY

Price: $125.00


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