Your Social Brand is a Career Tool

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Social media is transforming business as we know it. This applies to businesses large and small, and to brands – corporate and personal. At Employee Development Systems, Inc., helping employees of every generation raise their awareness of accountability and professionalism lie at the core of our mission. We’ve entered the age of influence. As it relates… Read more »

How Do You Express Your Presence?

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Your future -both professional and personal-depend on how you express your presence.  A professional presence will help you achieve many of your goals, i.e. getting that budget approved, being calm and poised during meetings, and becoming a charismatic good will ambassador for your office and your community.  Professionals that have a ‘presence’ are described as… Read more »

Increase Personal Effectiveness with Your Own Brand

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If you thought of yourself as a product, what would your brand be? What kind of slogan or mission would your “product” embrace and what do you think other people would say your brand is? Use whatever gift you have received to serve others (financial advisor, accountant, software engineer, etc.). Be grateful for customers, they… Read more »

Ask these 5 Tough Questions to Improve Your Professional Presence

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The new workplace environment is increasingly sophisticated, economically uncertain, and focused on personal accountability for performance results. There is a strong correlation between exceptional performance and behaviors that are considered  created on a project-basis and that dissolve just as quickly, and succeed by agility of thought, problem solving, and turnkey skills application. Star players are… Read more »

5 Keys to Increased Professionalism in Your Workplace

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The term “professionalism” means many things, depending on the situation. So what does professionalism actually mean? Is it the number of degrees you hold, your job title, or certifications? How about your dress, or the way you present yourself and resolve conflicts? It can be all of these. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines professionalism as “the… Read more »