Here’s Why Leaders Are Prioritizing Personal Accountability

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The business of leadership is all about being personally accountable in three different areas: for fulfillment of organizational goals, for staff accomplishments, and for our own self-success. These three aspects are intertwined, dependent upon one another, and thoroughly influenced by the measure of our personal accountability. The leader who lives by the credo of personal… Read more »

Create a Productive Learning Environment for Everyone

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How do Millennials learn best? How abut Generation Xers? Our learning priorities and methods shift according to generation, but there are some essentials that will help everyone have a productive learning experience. Start with these tips to ensure that your programs are stimulating and help people draw connections in unique ways that aid in their… Read more »

Capitalizing on Your Core Skills: Critical Listening

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We all interface with a variety of messages every day. But who are those messages for? Are they intended to help the communicator or the receiver? Critical listening can be learned with practice but is not necessarily easy to do. You may be an expert at discerning when messages contain accurate information, are biased toward… Read more »

Here’s How to Tell If You’re an Effective Leader

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Effective leadership is uncommon. Organizations tend to foster a culture that recruits and promotes on the basis of technical skills while undervaluing people skills. These same organizations compound the problem by rewarding the wrong individuals with more power, resources, and responsibility. They frequently reward individuals who are technical superstars but interpersonal underachievers. As these individuals… Read more »

3 Keys to Building Trust with Your Employees

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Any positive working relationship is based on trust. An environment of trust assumes that both parties will be safe, and it carries with it an implicit message that you have each others’ best interests in mind. That is why employees can accept criticism and even anger from a boss they trust. The employees know deep… Read more »

Lead First & Be the Boss Second!

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We’ve heard it said many times, “You can be a leader no matter what position you are in.”  It’s hard to argue with that statement! It’s a little tougher to live it out though. Why else would so many managers feel powerless to make a difference in their organizations; let alone anyone that isn’t in… Read more »

The 3 Most Important Habits for Leading with Credibility

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What do “credible” leaders bring to the table that others don’t? Credibility is a leader’s currency. Credibility creates a climate of the leader being believable, worthy of respect and able to be trusted. Credibility paves the way to inspiration, motivation, and influence. Leading with Credibility achieves results. It is both important and difficult to build… Read more »

Millennial in the Workplace? Here’s How to Succeed!

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With more generations working together  than ever before, you can often find advice for working with Gen X, Gen Y, or Millennials. But if you’re just entering the workforce, how do you feel about working with people the age of your older siblings, parents or even grandparents? Here’s how to build a strong career in… Read more »

How to Fast Track Your Leadership Influence

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As a leader, you may perceive your main responsibility as keeping the team focused on the projects at hand, and fulfilling the goals set by your won superiors. So how can you be most impactful in accomplishing those goals? There is one often overlooked key to your success as a leader. One dirty little secret… Read more »