Want Employee Engagement? Create a Culture of Listening

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It’s no surprise by now that engaged employees are the “secret sauce” to a company’s productivity, performance, and overall success. When team members feel invested in company culture, they find personal meaning in their work. This often translates to better outcomes as they’re more responsive to challenges and can foresee and head off potential problems… Read more »

Manage & Expand Your Energy!

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There’s a human energy crisis in business today. Managers and employees have survived the worst economic downturn in 60 years and as a result the demand on our energy is at an all-time high.  Every employee is under constant pressure to perform as we are being asked to do more with less–to be more productive,… Read more »

Welcome to Simple & Effective Onboarding!

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A smooth onboarding process equips new hires with the tools necessary to succeed in their new position. A well-managed onboarding program begins the moment an offer is extended and ends when the new hire is classified as a functioning employee, able to perform the majority of the job! Retention and satisfaction rates in your organization… Read more »