Research Uncovers the Secret to Productivity (Hint: We’ve been right all along!)

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Earlier this week we discussed soft skills and why employee development in these skills might be a good investment. Later this week, two articles reveal that focusing on productive communication, kindness, and “psychological safety” does, in fact, yield tangible results. This comes as no surprise to us, given the return on investment experienced by many clients… Read more »

A to C Blog Series: Inspiring New Directions for Employees

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Once you’ve decided a change needs to be made, it’s time for the hard work to begin. Whether the change is a shift in leadership structure or a new policy or something else, sustainably inspiring employees doesn’t happen overnight. Work itself represents stability: knowing what actions and behaviors will produce the expected results. Upset that delicate balance and employees… Read more »

Coaching and the DiSC Assessment

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Taking a coaching mentality to your management process is the answer to many kinds of organizational ills. It is about making sense of complex experiences, unlocking a person’s potential to solving their own problems and is more often about asking good questions than giving right answers. If you want a commitment culture rather than simple… Read more »

Performance Improvement Friday: Keep them Engaged & Motivated

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It’s Friday, and you’ve had a busy week. Here is a quick shot of business wisdom that you can think about over the weekend. You’ll come to work on Monday, ready to take action. What is the core of a peak performance? Dissipating any low self-esteem culture or rituals that have been fostered in your… Read more »

Leadership = Relationship: How Do You Measure Up?

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Typically, personal-best leadership experiences challenge the myth that leadership is something that you find only at the highest levels of organizations and society; it is found everywhere. History also challenges the belief that leadership is reserved for a few charismatic men and women. Leadership is not a gene and is not an inheritance; it is… Read more »

How Do You Express Your Presence?

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Your future -both professional and personal-depend on how you express your presence.  A professional presence will help you achieve many of your goals, i.e. getting that budget approved, being calm and poised during meetings, and becoming a charismatic good will ambassador for your office and your community.  Professionals that have a ‘presence’ are described as… Read more »

These 5 Behaviors will Build Your Team in 2016

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“My team doesn’t need the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program – In fact, they’ve been together so long, they finish each others’ sentences!”  Over and over again, the word trust is used… and misused.  “Trust” implies something different to everyone! For highly productive teams – those that perform effectively, consistently over time, trust… Read more »

Capitalizing on Your Core Skills: Critical Listening

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We all interface with a variety of messages every day. But who are those messages for? Are they intended to help the communicator or the receiver? Critical listening can be learned with practice but is not necessarily easy to do. You may be an expert at discerning when messages contain accurate information, are biased toward… Read more »

Increase Productivity Now

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We all want to increase productivity, right? Becoming more effective includes increased productivity is a result of many factoris, including in greater focus, fewer distractions, better time management, and other key skills. But all of them lead to the holy grail of increased productivity. We’re talking about productivity that does not leave you frantic and… Read more »