Off the ShelfThe importance of optimizing organizational productivity cannot be overstated. Optimizing organizational productivity and profitability in today’s competitive business world is imperative in todays competitive world. At Employee Development Systems, Inc. (EDSI) we know that human capital development is the key to maximization of organizational productivity and profitability, and cutting important training programs only leads to further human capital challenges.

The EDSI off the shelf training programs are effective in inspiring a positive organizational culture and developing highly useful skill sets. They offer a new way for managers and leaders to deliver high quality training faster, cheaper, and better. Whether it’s learning to work as a team, developing professional presence, leading with credibility, managing conflict, working successfully in a multigenerational setting, we have developed an effective solution for most employee development challenges.

EDSI’s pre-written courses are easy to follow and present, and offer a low-cost and flexible alternative to tight budgets. Contact EDSI to find out how our off the shelf programs have worked for other organizations, and how they can serve yours. Call 800-282-3374 or email