May, 2013
Employment Development Systems, Inc.’s Extensive Online Resource Center Provides Valuable Tools for Success

Feb, 2013
Employment Development Systems, Inc. Launches Professional Presence in a Casual World

June, 2012
Law Firms Struggle with New Paradigm: Successful Firms Embrace Corporate Model

April, 2012
Employee Development Systems, Inc. Powerful Choices Program

Mar, 2012
Centennial Business Achieves Sales Honor

Feb, 2012
Employee Development Systems, Inc. Shows Community How to Foster a Company of Passionate Advocates

Jan, 2012
Change in Graduate Expectations Gives Companies New Leverage to Attract Top Talent

Dec 2011
End of the Year Goal Setting Campaign Supports Community in Professional Presence and Personal Effectiveness Initiatives

Nov 2011
Acumen in Handling Workplace Conflict Proves Pivotal in Successful Human Resources Management, Employee Development Systems, Inc. Launches Campaign to Help Leaders Decrease Negative Effects of Systemic Workplace Conflict

Oct 2011
Employee Development Systems, Inc. Introduces Cross-Generational Leadership Techniques to Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity

Sept 2011
Research indicates that up to 70% of learning occurs following a training event (Bersin, 2008).

July 2011
Companies Break the “Gen Y Code” and Achieve Professional Presence across the Generations, According to Employee Development Systems, Inc.

July 2011
Program Helps Businesses Take Advantage of Hormone Research That Proves the Intrinsic Power of Body Language

May 2011
Suzanne Updegraff, CEO of Employee Development Systems, Inc., has taken her place amongst the industry’s leading experts to share goals and proven strategies for success.

April 2011
The Experts Speak: The New Path to Business Success Found in Leveraging Human Potential

March 2011
EDSI, Inc. Launches Retooled Professinalism in the Workplace Program

Feb 2011
Independent Consultant Achieves Sales Award

Feb 2011
Employee Development Systems, Inc. Launches Online Resource Center at