employee involvement Three Key Benefits to Employee Involvement

Employee involvement and engagement is key to maintaining momentum in your workplace. Never underestimate the power of employee loyalty! Get a few tips from our experts on engaging employees at every level, and learn why employees need to feel invested in company policy. (Hint: it doesn’t just benefit them, but it means a better bottom line for you, too!)

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employee feedback Incorporating Mindfulness Into Your Feedback Sessions

A popular buzzword in pop culture, “mindfulness” is simply the state of being conscious and aware of one’s surroundings, and observing quietly and calmly processing emotions before
reacting. Does mindfulness have a place in the modern company? There’s probably no better place for mindfulness than in responding to employee feedback. Learn how being mindful can help improve your communication with your team. Get our helpful insight today!

Mindfulness and the Feedback Process

Improve workplace accountability, productivity, and effectiveness.


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