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Employers that fail to focus on improving human capital are at-risk of losing their most talented workers to rivals that offer better opportunities for career advancement. “Look at your budget and tailor your training plan around it,” recommends Jessica Ford, vice president of operations at Ashton Staffing. She says giving new hires adequate training helps reduce turnover because staff will possess a positive attitude about the company and will become accustomed to their role faster. Training and development for managers is just as important, says Ford, especially in areas like workplace safety, communication, employee motivation, and employee recognition. When launching a training plan, employers should examine each position in the company to identify how each could improve. The job class that is impacting the bottom line the most should be focused in initially, according to Ford The training will need to be mandatory in order for everyone to become aligned. Some firms hire a company trainer that researches a company’s situation in areas like goals, HR complaints, and legal obligations before formulating a customized training plan, while others turn to online employee training for a hands-on, interactive learning experience, says Ford.

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An individual development plan should be in every company as part of their training and development plan.