Syracuse Post-Standard (NY) (12/04/10) P. A8 McDonald, Leslie Rose


December 6 to 10 is Employee Learning Week, and the American Society for Training and Development is encouraging employers to rededicate themselves to employee learning and development by stressing its link to positive organizational results. Employers should recommit to employee training, even in tough economic times. Continuing to invest in the development of their people will give employers a competitive advantage when the economy turns around because they will have highly skilled employees and well-developed management. If a company needs to downsize or reorganize, training and development will help ease the transition of “survivors” who have been called on to perform multiple tasks. Also, recommitting to training and development will help companies hold onto younger employees who are serious about acquiring skills for their budding careers. Employers should remember that the cost of professional development is far less than the cost of replacing employees. Organizations that place a high value on knowledge assets and continuous learning will be in a better position to compete for talent and consumers over the next decade, according to economists.


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EDSI Commentary


Employee development courses during economic downturns are needed to link to positive business and organizational results.  Those that commit to continuous learning, out perform others in categories such as productivity, succession planning, and returns to stakeholders.