Business Finance (03/11/13) Schwartz, Jeff

Business leaders around the world continue to focus on talent, but the concern is more for the shortage of critical skills than the availability of workers. New patterns and priorities have emerged in the ‘war for talent’ over the years, and the next challenge is likely to be the war to develop talent. As the changing nature of work, influence of technology and speed of innovation continue, approaches to managing talent remain based in 19th century models. Leading researchers suggest reimagining development and moving beyond the ‘once and done’ view of jobs, training and careers; focusing on the central role of technology in redefining how we work, manage and structure jobs and careers; and managing talent beyond corporate and national boundaries. In turn, these priorities will lead global business and talent leaders to redouble development efforts, refocus on the evolving combinations of skills, technology and work; redraw boundaries for talent management; and redefine the career value equation. The new agenda for talent can focus on integrating the social and community aspects of employment. Moreover, it can embrace the need for open-source talent ecosystems built on networks and new ways of working.


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The war to develop talent relies upon training that is proven.