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Speaking at the TD Ameritrade Elite Advisors Summit last week, CEO Fred Tomczyk told the crowd to never underestimate the value of a company’s human assets and their ability to help a company survive through a downturn. “Always assess your talent so you have the people to take you to the next level; surround yourself with good people,” he said. “Find a place within the organization so you can retain them.” Great employees are those who understand and embrace the company’s culture, he added. A great manager will communicate with staff and clients regularly, keep culture clear and simple, deal with downturns by looking for opportunities rather than “hunkering down,” and making decisions based on intuition, experience, and gut feeling rather than numbers. “A manager cannot do it all,” Tomczyk said. “You should never underestimate the power, passion and enthusiasm of your employees. It is the most important thing you can do as a CEO.”

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Employees who receive ongoing training, are more engaged, productive and innovative.