Chief Learning Officer  Anderson, Cushing


Corporate investments in learning and development increased in 2011 and are likely to rise in 2012. Investment priorities include technology, content development, and learning strategy. Additionally, enterprises are anticipated to continue investing in learning management systems, assessment systems, and performance management capabilities and are enthusiastic about simulations, mobile learning, and collaboration and social tools. Staff expenditures continue to be the primary expense for most learning and development organizations. This indicates that learning organizations must properly allocate and deploy their staff to maximize learning spending. IDC reported in 2011 that 80 percent of organizations view learning and development as playing a moderate or significant role in helping their organization achieve its strategic goals. Fourfold more companies are expecting to add learning and development staff in 2012 than those that anticipate reducing staff size. Enterprises that successfully passed through the difficult period between 2008 and 2010 have gained “a greater appreciation of internal knowledge to support informal training and organizational performance,” noted one chief learning officer, which facilitates hiring opportunities for learning staff.

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Successful companies, read that as profitable, invest in their human capital.