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According to a recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), a staggering 60 percent of leaders are worried that the workers comprising Generation Y are not receiving adequate training. The same survey also found that current leaders are not satisfied with their company’s existing level of leadership, with two-thirds of those polled failing to rank their internal leadership courses as ‘high’. With budgets under pressure, organizations are simply having to be more selective about how top level training is delivered, but they are still training, just not through conventional methods. Instead, organizations are moving away from expensive, traditional forms of training and are instead looking more cost-effective solutions like e-Learning. Leaders of tomorrow can be trained today if organizations take the right steps. They can make the most of their training budget by implementing a blended learning solution, which would include both classroom and e-learning opportunities. Companies must be practical and precise in their execution of training programs through the use of an on-going assessment that tracks and measures effectiveness of the course, and whether staff are incorporate what they learnt into their daily roles. Companies can save themselves future headaches and troubles when it comes time to appoint new leaders by training their employees now.

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Social media can be an important collaborative/communication component of training Generation Y as future leaders.