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According to Corporate Executive Board (CEB) research, the percentage of new hires rated above average fell 17 percent in 2010, with 83 percent of recruiters reporting that less than 50 percent of the applications they receive are from people actually qualified for the positions. With recruitment efforts hampered by such factors, companies must rely more heavily on their existing employees to drive growth. However, the CEB research also finds that employees are disengaged following recent organizational changes that took place during the recent downturn. Investing in manager development represents one of the most effective ways organizations can address such challenges, with the potential for positive and immediate impact on a company’s performance. Unfortunately, top-level managers are often overstretched and expected to do more with less, leaving even less time to develop their employees. The good news is that CEB research shows that the effectiveness of employee development depends more on the nature of the activities than on time spent. CEB has identified the top 15 activities managers should use to maximize the impact of their development efforts on employee performance. Successful organizations are succeeding with their manager training investments through focused education efforts, which includes deploying comprehensive training solutions designed to increase manager effectiveness across the board. CEB recommends that companies demonstrate that people development matters by showing managers how team development translates to business outcomes, and change the conversation from “development for people results” to “development for business results.” Learning should be integrated into day-to-day work, and managers should be held accountable for the quality of development, not simply compliance.

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Managerial training is even more necessary in today’s recruitment to offer as a carrot to come on board.