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In order to lead other individuals successfully, supervisors or managers need to take part in a strong leadership training program. Such a program should address such topics as listening and communicating effectively, giving negative feedback in a way that encourages behavior change, assigning responsibility with the appropriate level of authority, dealing with adversity from the work environment or staff, and rewarding exemplary work or behavior. Coaching can be an important element in the program, where a coach establishes rules and a plan to determine how, when, where, why, and what in order to get the job done effectively. Coaching is often perceived as a lot of yelling and repetition, similar to sports coaches, but actually is a form of mentoring. The coaching should come before, during, and after a task is launched and completed. The individuals being coached should be allowed to use their initiative; if they made a mistake, they can get up and try again. The bulk of errors can be easily resolved. Coaching is also about setting an example in the workplace to foster an environment that encourages initiative and risk-taking.

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A leader cannot be effective without good communication skills.