Human Resource Executive (11/01/10) Ciccarelli, Maura C.

Attracting the right employees has always been a challenge for employers, but there are several trends that are making that task harder, including the economic recession and increasing globalization. Rather than create a career ladder for employees, some companies are crafting a career lattice, which enables workers to develop their own career paths by obtaining certain skills or experiences outside their current job without turning to a competing firm. Lattice frameworks also enable employees to move sideways or even downward depending upon their career and personal goals, which fosters retention and continued engagement. One of the first steps is for an employer to use technology to map out the career architecture of the organization and then link that information to the HR system, which will match workers to skill areas. Creating an ongoing dialogue about performance with workers can help employers uncover hidden talents and skills. Employers’ budgets are strapped, meaning they are unable to train every worker, but lattice frameworks can help companies locate people with the right skills and background to fit their needs. However, in some ways, workers can be overwhelmed by the choices available to them, which is why HR needs to create models that illustrate those opportunities and whether they are a good fit for particular employees.


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EDSI Commentary

As the recession continues and as globalization increases, the need for training and development in the workplace for employee skill development becomes paramount to attract and retain talent.