Gallup Business Journal (03/29/13) Robison, Jennifer

Recently Gallup conducted a study on individual wellbeing, employee engagement, and a wellbeing culture. Researchers wanted to discover how those three factors influenced each other. The study found that individual wellbeing had an effect on employee engagement and changes in employee engagement. Additionally, in one year employee engagement could affect future wellbeing culture and culture change. The positive changes in wellbeing and engagement ultimately can lead to a healthy organization. Managers can help engagement thrive by being aware of their own wellbeing and engagement opportunities, as well as promoting them to employees. Managers can also provide employees with an environment that recognizes achievements made towards improving wellbeing and engagement. “When people are engaged and have thriving wellbeing, their life situations don’t weigh them down and keep them from performing. They see changes as opportunities, not problems,” Jim Harter, Ph.D., Gallup’s chief scientist of workplace management and wellbeing. Gallup also lists career, social, financial, physical, and community wellbeing as the five vital categories of wellbeing.


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Culture and engagement feed off each other.