Forbes (12/06/10) Kelly, James
Increasingly, companies are incorporating their brand into staff training. Employees at an off-site training session could see messaging that smartly reaffirms company values and the importance of their training to the overall mission, for instance. Apart from the training sessions, attendees might also view exhibits, use multi-media materials, and take part in activities provided by internal groups. Such an approach makes the training experience less generic while reinforcing the brand. This can be true irrespective of the training’s contents, which can range from operations, systems, professional certification, or soft skills like coaching, relationship building, or sales. Prior to integrating branding into training events, there are several things to consider, such as making the message closely complement the training. The training event should be viewed as messaging real estate that can feature audio, video, printed materials, merchandise, cups, signage, demonstration sessions, exhibits, and even branded food or drinks. Furthermore, it is important to address how the brand messages will continue after the event. It may be worthwhile to include the messaging on follow-up materials in an effort to build brand loyalty and encourage employees to be brand ambassadors.


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Branding in the classroom can be an experience to build company loyalty and increase productivity through a heightened sense of pride.  All employee development courses should involve branding.