Fox Business Online (05/21/12)

Finding the perfect employee to suit your company’s needs and culture can be a time-consuming process. For this reason, it is intensely important to maximize the company’s investment in that new employee by training them effectively. The first component to improving new employee training is to get them immersed in the organization’s culture right away. For example, Diana O’Brien, managing principal of Deloitte University says their strategy is to immerse new recruits in a 60- to 90- day program at the university. “This means that our most junior employees experience this facility and receive an unadulterated dose of Deloitte culture – the immersion in ideas, collaboration and problem-solving, in a supportive environment that allows for making mistakes and advancing bold thoughts,” she explains. As O’Brien points out, it’s important that the learning environment be encouraging and supportive to help new employees gain comfort and confidence in the company as the company does the same with them. Many companies are also emphasizing the importance of personalized learning, tailoring programs to the needs of each new employee’s development to maximize their potential. Once the learning process has been initiated, it’s important to segment that process into manageable chunks and to continually reinforce the new employee’s skill base as they continue to settle into their new position. New technologies, such as Internet-based and mobile learning programs can help make this follow-up relatively painless for both the employee and the organization.

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New employee orientation is crucial to the culture and retention.