Western News (04/14/11) Mayne, Paul


Organizations require the support of their employees in order to enact significant change. A recent study by Richard Ivey School of Business researchers identified a number of factors that can aid organizations’ attempts to gain such support. Unfortunately, the same researchers found that organizations often undermine chances to gain support for their ideas by implementing change in ineffectual ways. Common mistakes include insufficient communication, failing to invite input, and not understanding the challenges employees encounter in making changes. The study focuses on municipal level management, but study authors argue that it has wider implications. “There is nothing more frustrating than ambiguity and lack of clarity,” they write. “Change is natural and it is to be expected. But there still needs to be a good reason for change and it needs to be clearly articulated. People want to feel part of the change and that they have a role to play. I don’t care which institution you are, being left alone is lousy. It doesn’t work in business culture, it doesn’t work in public or private companies, and it doesn’t work in families.”

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EDSI Commentary


Communications skills training is necessary to effectuate the necessity of change in an organization.