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Studies show that many companies do not do enough to provide effective training for employees, so Dave Johnson recommends Knoodle as a tool. Knoodle combines PowerPoint, video, Office documents and PDFs in an interactive online presentation. The service lets presenters easily upload content and record voiceover or video using a webcam or microphone, and synchronize content. They also can create single- or double-pane presentations, as well as picture-in-picture. Additionally, presenters can share their presentations in a number of ways, including embedding the presentation in a website, and making it completely portable to be downloaded and played offline or on a mobile device. Knoodle presentations also can be customized with corporate colors, logo, and URL. The real appeal of Knoodle becomes evident when the service’s more interactive elements are added to a presentation. Knoodle also supports social media extensions, like online chat, discussion forums, and shared notes and annotations. Finally, Knoodle has a unique and simple pricing model. After the 30-day free trial expires, users can step up to a plan that matches the number of hours per month they plan to use the service.

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An individual development plan should be in every company as part of their talent management strategy.