Forbes (02/17/11) Kotter, John


While some CEOs believe they are too busy to handle matters involving corporate culture, others believe it is their job, including Jack Ma, CEO of the Chinese B2B e-trading company Alibaba. “I want to be the 1 percent of the company [who is] thinking that making money is the result — not the goal,” Ma says. Some believe the HR department is responsible for maintaining corporate culture, but experts say a strong culture requires CEOs and other top leaders to take responsibility for it. Experts say management involves a focus on timelines, budgets, and metrics, among other things, while leadership involves a focus on vision, buy-in, motivation, culture, and people. They believe that being successful in management may result in a leadership position, but leaders must do well when it comes to culture to achieve success in their leadership roles.

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Culture management is the task for every employee to accomplish and enjoy the benefits of working in a finely tuned organization.