Specific feedback encourages positive behavior. It’s important to beSpecific Feedback Encourages Positive Behavior as specific about what was successful, as areas than need improvement. Feedback encourages positive behavior when it is precise and clear. Positive performance feedback works best when it is specific and used with clear suggestions.

Be sure to put more emphasis on positives than suggestions for improvement. This encourages the desired behavior to be repeated. Compare, “Good job. Keep it up.” To, “Your report was well written. Your thoughts were logical and your conclusions were on target. The computer analogy about the outcome only being as good as the input was effective.”

When you give and receive performance feedback, it’s some of the most important communication you can share with team members. For your team to really hear and take action on suggestions, feedback needs to be given and received carefully and frequently. Teach leaders, as well as team members, how to deliver effective, constructive feedback. Create a culture of openness and a growth mindset through supportive feedback and demonstrated action.

An effective process and practice helps avoid the uncomfortable feeling we all get when we critique others.