Professional Presence in a Casual WorldProfessional Presence in a Casual World is a unique one-day program designed to make everyone from individual contributors to emerging leaders more professional in the workplace.  It’s an instructor-led classroom experience with these objectives:

  • Creating an understanding of the core concepts of professional presence to bring attitude, performance and behaviors into alignment.
  • Identifying professional presence elements regarding  electronic communication, presentation skills and negotiations.
  • Enhancing daily work habits to build best practices in personal management, performance and continuous learning.
  • Understanding the critical importance of manners and etiquette in a global business environment.

Expected organizational outcomes for the program are:

  • Confirming and reinforcing the expectations for professional performance behaviors.
  • Creating a stronger cultural connection between employees and their organization’s vision.
  • Refining the individual’s image to communicate polish and professionalism to clients.
  • Gaining awareness of the competencies and skills needed for organizational growth.

Ultimately, the program seeks to foster a professional workforce that gives the organization an immediate competitive advantage.


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