Impactful Negotiating TipsHere are five steps to give your next negotiation more impact and increase your personal effectiveness:

First, be upfront about what you want. There’s no need to mince words. Being direct about what you want lets you define the terms that will get you there… and helps uncover advantages for the other party.

Second, don’t give in early in the negotiation. By staying firm on your initial position, you’ll learn what the other side REALLY values… and gain a greater understanding of their position.

Third, that means talk less, listen more. Talking often leads to making unnecessary commitments. So stand back. Keep quiet and wait for others to volunteer their resources, at least in the first stages of negotiations.

Fourth, don’t rush, and—again—don’t give in! Negotiations can be uncomfortable, but getting fidgety leads to rushed resolutions. Stay calm and collected and you’ll already be ahead several steps ahead of who you’re negotiating with.

And fifth… be ready to walk away. Starting any conversation knowing you’re willing to walk away makes the negotiation win-win for you. If you’re ready to win or walk… you’ll never lose!

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