In her recent eulogy of her brother, Steve Jobs, Mona Simpson paints a portrait of a man who was hugely successful both in his work life and personal life, and it teaches some valuable worklife balance lessons.

First, Do what you love. According to Simpson, “Steve worked at what he loved… Every day.”

Second, Do it yourself. Jobs knew when NOT to delegate. As his sister says, “Even as a young millionaire, Steve always picked me up at the airport.” Connecting with friends, family and life’s ordinary events is an important work-life balance skill.

Third, Cultivate your interests. Despite his success, Jobs took time to cultivate outside interests. His sister asks, “What other C.E.O. … has a favorite David Austin rose?” Investing in outside interests makes you more well-rounded and better able to give your work your all.

And fourth, Cultivate your love. Jobs’s love for his family was always his primary concern, assuring that his work-life balance came naturally.