Whether you own a business or just want to get better at your job, don’t overlook the advantages of being part of a “mastermind” group.

The mastermind group concept is very similar to working with a team.  However, mastermind team members usually work for different companies—or for themselves.

Forming a mastermind group is as easy as pulling together a group of people with unique but complimentary skills, experience and knowledge… then using that brainpower to help other members solve problems by meeting on a regular basis to share ideas.

A good size for a mastermind group is six to eight people—large enough to provide a variety of opinions, yet small enough so to share information without the meetings being too long.

The main criterion for success in a mastermind group is that members must be accountable to each other… and everyone must follow through on promises.

And successful mastermind groups really can work wonders:  Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone were all mastermind group members!


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