We often invest time and money in a learning event, then go back to our jobs and repeat old habits.

Learning Through Alignment, Assimilation, & ApplicationIt helps to recognize that learning is not an event- it’s a process. The classroom is important.  But when we apply the tools and techniques taken from the learning event, real learning happens. Learning is a process of alignment, assimilation and application.


Before they attend a learning event, participants should have a thorough understanding of what they’re expected to learn. How their behavior is expected to change, the results they are expected to achieve, and how these results contribute to the overall goals of the organization.


You focus on assimilating the content that resonates with you during a learning event. An effective learning event will encourage you to apply what you already know as you build relevant skills.


80 percent of learning takes place when you apply what you have learned. Learning stays with you when you use the skills and knowledge in your work environment. This leads to a behavior change that produces desired results.

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