Leadership & Personal Accountability In The WorkplaceThe business of leadership is all about being personally accountable in three different areas: for fulfillment of organizational goals, for staff accomplishments, and for our own self-success.  The leader who lives by the credo of personal accountability is considered trustworthy, reliable, and committed.  They get high marks in the trust quotient for their character, ethics, and credibility, all of which are manifested through behaviors that demonstrate their personal accountability.

Character Rather than directing blame towards others or at external circumstances, the leader of character seeks to understand his or her personal contribution, and to learn and grow in response to challenges.

Ethics and Credibility The ethical leader consistently role models honesty and integrity in daily activities.  When mistakes are made, they’re admitted.

Personal Accountability and Communication – The one thread that runs through all aspects of personal accountability is communication.  The most important aspect of communication is the nonverbal or body language that  is a manifestation of our individual behavioral style.  Knowing and understanding what our particular behavior style is will influence how we communicate and will help us be more successful at it. Achievers throughout history have one thing in common—they have self-realization.