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Leadership failure happens at times to everyone. What strategies can we continue to learn from some famous leadership failures?

Refine your focus. As leaders we should be focused on the Big Picture, not the minute details. When leaders lose that focus and shift to being the doers rather than the drivers of the idea(s), they can get caught up in micro-managing.

Improve in communication. All too often, when leaders fail it’s because they suffer from poor communication. Followers can’t implement a vision it if they don’t understand what it is!

Assume appropriate risk. Beware being driven by fear of failing and focus on outcome: it seems to be the most fruitful direction, and the one that successful leaders focus on.

Maintain ethical standards. The highest principle of leadership is integrity. Credibility is a balance between what a leader does (competency) and who a leader is (character). Make sure to develop both.

Keep the fires burning. Leaders are known for taking care of the team, and for ensuring the team continues forward in a healthy, positive manner.

Be self-aware! Pay attention to these signs and act to correct your situation and continue to lead successfully.