Increasing Personal Effectiveness®–IPE–is a training program designed to build your personal accountability. Within the IPE… you’ll find:

  • The “Choices Model”… that will teach you about how your daily choices—and values—impact results.
  • The “Change Process”… to make you aware of behaviors that may need changing if you’re going to improve your effectiveness.
  • The “Self-Image Model” will show you how the way you view yourself impacts your overall thinking, actions and performance.
  • And the DiSC® assessment will introduce you to the concept of personal ownership… help you adapt your behavioral style to others… and help you understand how some elements of your style interfere with performance.

IPE’s Powerful communication tools will empower you to take ownership of conflict resolution and be an assertive, effective communicator. “Effective Listening” will teach you to REALLY listen—including how to listen to criticism without getting defensive. And “Managing Yourself for Success” will demonstrate how to set personal goals aligned with your organization’s goals.

For over three decades, Increasing Personal Effectiveness® has helped over a million people in Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and the healthcare industry be more productive. Now it can help you!


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