Research findings by the Harvard Business Review have found that managers report that employees who feel that they’re thriving in the workplace demonstrated 16% better overall, and those thriving employees also report 125% less burnout than their peers.

They were 32% more committed to their organization and 46% more satisfied with their jobs. They also missed much less work and reported significantly fewer doctor visits, which meant significant health care savings and less lost time for their companies.

That said, a recent survey by the American Psychological Association shows that 48% of employees do not feel valued at work. Essentially, these people feel underappreciated, disrespected and disengaged.

While these sobering workplace statistics are interpreted as bad news for organizations dealing with tight budgets, many more organizations are able to see the opportunity that waits in the wings if they can turn disgruntled workers into thriving, content workers.  from a liability to a growing asset for their organization.  For a small investment in training programs, organizations can give employees the incentive they need to take personal responsibility for their careers, turning them into engaged employees who are growing assets for their organization rather than liabilities.


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