to recent research by Ernst & Young, graduates rank training and development above salary. This demonstrates the increased relevance of training and development in today’s emerging leaders.Employee Development Systems, Inc. provides tools and resources for employers to maximize their employee development efforts, resulting in a professional, highly productive workforce and reduced investment in salary expenditures.

A poll of 600 respondents showed that 41% of graduates view training and development as the most important consideration when weighing up a potential employer. In 2007, salary was the top consideration. Continued slow growth has likely tempered expectations of graduates and emerging leaders, leading them to prioritize long-term career development.

According to the head of graduate recruitment at Ernst and Young, despite the burden of university debts, today’s graduates still see their first job as a prime opportunity to gain qualifications and skills which can benefit them long into the future.” Moreover, employers that fail to focus on improving human capital are at risk of losing their most talented workers.

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