Achieving Goals Through Professional PresenceYour future depends on how you express your presence.  A professional presence will help you achieve many of your goals. You are the author of your identity, and you write the script for managing your credibility and career.

  1. Be flexible – Learn about other people’s personality styles (and there are many); this way you can better relate to the individual concerned this way
  2. Pursue excellence – Be the person that delivers excellence in everything you do. On the phone, at your desk, presentations, minutes – everything you do!
  3. Listen more, talk less – After first listening, ask insightful questions to the individual(s) concerned. 
  4. Practice diplomacy and tact – You are tested daily. As a professional, you must remain calm and focused when conflict arises.
  5. Be a person of character and garner respect – Are you known as positive and pleasant? Good will is something that has to be earned Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it.
  6. Practice “netiquette” – Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and blogging, are just a few of the social media tools used to interact with the public, be formal.