eEducate, Inc. is EDSI’s eLearning subsidiary.  eLearning is an all-encompassing term generally used to refer to computer-enhanced learning, although it is often extended to include the use of mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets.

It may include the use of web-based teaching materials and hypermedia in general, web sites, discussion boards, collaborative software, e-mail, blogs, newsletters, computer aided-assessments, educational animation, simulations, games, learning management software, electronic voting systems and YouTube videos, podcasts, and all forms of social media with possibly a combination of different methods being used.  eLearning is naturally suited to distance learning and flexible learning, but can also be used in conjunction with face-to-face teaching, in which case the term blended learning is commonly used.

Advantages of e-learning often include flexibility and convenience for the learner especially if they have other commitments, facilitation of communication between learners, greater adaptability to a learner’s needs, more variety in learning experience with the use of multimedia and the non-verbal presentation of teaching material.