Organizational CultureOrganizational culture is the DNA of a company. Just like individuals, every firm is unique. On the top layer, it includes things like dress code and flex time policies. More important cultural morays are found beneath those initial policies and codes.

It is difficult for competitors to copy your unique organizational culture, which makes a positive, unique organizational culture one of an organization’s most valuable assets. Particular behaviors are recognized and rewarded, people are managed, motivated, and developed all according to the culture specific to each organization.

How individuals are treated, attitudes toward key policy areas, what kinds of behaviors are rewarded and how they are rewarded, and how employees are managed, motivated, and developed, all work together to create your organization’s unique culture.

Employee Development Systems, Inc. works with organizations to facilitate an awareness of their current culture and development of a stronger, more positive organizational culture that will lead to greater employee engagement and productivity.  Our programs help organizations build high-performance cultures that balance individuality and consistency. Contact us to learn how we can help increase productivity and profits in your organization 800-282-3374.