Generation Z In The WorkforceGeneration “Z” also known as the Click Generation, Generation Net, Digital Natives – The youngest of the “5G Workplace,” Generation Z, is just coming into the workforce. It’s premature to report on the impact of this generation, but we can expect these future leaders to bring their own attitudes and expectations to work, just like the generation before them.

Research suggests that Generation Z is even more technologically “plugged-in” than Millennials. One survey found that Generation Z has the highest level of technological connectivity, with many spending virtually all of their waking hours connected to a computer, tablet, smart phone, or other electronic device. Like the Millennial generation before them, this will affect their preferences and work styles – including how they communicate, how they gather information and learn, and how they work with others.

Today’s workforce is decidedly multi-generational. It is made up of five generations—Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (or Millennials), and a smattering of Generation Z—whose life experiences have left indelible marks on their values and work preferences. This rapid and unprecedented demographic shift has many business leaders wondering how organizations will adapt to the “5G” workplace.