If organizations want better quality, lower costs, or greater efficiency, then employees need to look at their day-to-day routines and beyond to identify new and different approaches. If managers want employees to be empowered, then employees must be given the confidence and skills to assume an active, involved role in the workplace.

Challenging the Status Quo meets this critical competitive need by showing participants how to safely and effectively look for and present their ideas. It can be tailored to organizational needs or focus on specific areas such as quality, safety, delivery of product or service, or work processes in general.

Course Overview

Because challenging established routines can be a risky venture, participants are guided through three levels of Challenging the Status Quo:

  • Challenging own area of control
  • Recommending a minor change to another
  • Proposing change for a broader impact

As with all Employee Development Systems courses, learning is reinforced on the verbal, visual, and kinesthetic levels, with experiential and participative exercises. These include:

  • Exercises on breaking out of routines
  • Brainstorming on areas of opportunity for initiative and innovation
  • Identifying obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Application of personal and interpersonal skills to these issues, skills such as counters, I-statements, the 3-step request for change, and the if-then system
  • Illustration and practice of a powerful 5-step model for presenting an idea and selling it
  • Role playing a 3-step model for handling anticipated objections

Participants process course content so that they’ll remember it and apply it. They apply course content to their actual work situations and develop specific action plans for effecting change for continuous improvement on the job.
Course Objectives

Specific objectives for course participants are:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in own work behaviors and procedures
  • Overcome self-defeating attitudes toward taking risks
  • Acquire skills for presenting ideas for change to others
  • Practice technique for handling objections
  • Develop plans for effecting change for continuous improvement


  • 1 Participant Workbook
  • 1 Workshop Evaluations
  • 1 Certificate of Completion

LENGTH: 1/2 DAY or 1 DAY

Price: $69.95


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