Empathy: The Foundation of a Strong Business Culture

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We call them “soft skills”: communication and interactional skills that demonstrate emotional intelligence. It’s been well established (for nearly a century, in fact) that “85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge” (source: National Soft Skills Association). Yet development… Read more »

Is “Fit” Overrated?

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Often, workplace “fit” is cited as a reason for termination of employment, either from an employee herself or from a manager. “It just wasn’t a good fit.” Just as often, this explanation doesn’t really get at the heart of why the business relationship ends. It’s more than fit, usually; the employee wasn’t a good “fit”… Read more »

Leadership Style Series, Part 2: Transformational Leadership

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Transformational leadership is the heart and soul of any successful business. By being prospective and taking an inspirational and positive approach, these leaders are often considered role models for attitudes and ethical behavior for the group. Transformational Leadership Traits The four elements of transformational leadership, according to Dr. Ronald Riggio, can have a huge impact… Read more »

3 Ways to Increase Trust (& Productivity!) in Your Team Today

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Productive work relationships are based on trust.  An environment of trust carries with it an implicit message that you have each other’s best interests in mind, clearing the way for employees to accept criticism and even anger from their manager. They know deep down that the boss really means to help. Managers need to be… Read more »

The Power of “Plus One” in Teams

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Teams require a layer of relationship management on top of the actual work that needs to be done. So why don’t we just break our teams into groups of two or even just break the entire time into tasks, each taken on by one person? As a leader, communicating to manage performance and the delegation… Read more »

The 3 Most Important Habits for Leading with Credibility

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What do “credible” leaders bring to the table that others don’t? Credibility is a leader’s currency. Credibility creates a climate of the leader being believable, worthy of respect and able to be trusted. Credibility paves the way to inspiration, motivation, and influence. Leading with Credibility achieves results. It is both important and difficult to build… Read more »

Your Personal Effectiveness Boosted in Just 90 Minutes

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Your energy level is the highest right away in the morning, so if possible, don’t spend that precious resource on sitting in update meetings or chatting with coworkers. Get right to your workspace and start your projects. Looking for  more ways to increase personal effectiveness? Here is the key: Ignore email, stay off of the… Read more »

Employee Development & Work-Life-Balance

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October is National Work and Family Month , an education campaign led by WorldatWork and Alliance for Work-Life Progress to encourage employers to support initiatives that create a healthy balance between work and home life. Employees from varied professions and industries struggle to meet the needs of both their jobs and their families, a challenge… Read more »