Videocast Run Down: Personal Effectiveness & Professional Presence

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Catch some of the wisdom in our EDSI Videocasts. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and get some inspiration for personal effectiveness and professional excellence! Learn work life balance from Steve Jobs. Find out the real reason why training is important. Here’s how to get a competitive advantage through employee development. Stop by our… Read more »

5 Steps: Impactful Negotiations and Increased Personal Effectiveness

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We all face negotiations every day, all day. Even short workplace exchanges sift down to a negotiation for someone’s time, budgetary resources, or human resources. Regardless of whether you are engaging in one of these daily negotiations, or a more high-risk, high-impact situation, here are 5 steps to make your next negotiation impactful, and increase… Read more »

Effective Performance Discussions Start Here

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Performance management discussions can be filled with emotion and tension, even in the best situations. It’s no wonder that most leaders only hold them once a year. Make all of your performance management efforts pay off tenfold by taking some basic steps toward changing the way you address the performance management process overall. Commit to… Read more »