Here Is the Fast Track to Increased Productivity & Effectiveness in Your Workplace

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Reframe Productivity as a Path to Freedom Start by shifting the paradigm surrounding productivity. Introduce the idea of how increased productivity is really a conversation about clarifying priorities and letting go of tasks and projects that are out of line with the organization and department goals. Increased productivity is the combination of intelligent planning and… Read more »

5 Keys to Increased Professionalism in Your Workplace

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The term “professionalism” means many things, depending on the situation. So what does professionalism actually mean? Is it the number of degrees you hold, your job title, or certifications? How about your dress, or the way you present yourself and resolve conflicts? It can be all of these. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines professionalism as “the… Read more »

Your Personal Effectiveness Boosted in Just 90 Minutes

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Your energy level is the highest right away in the morning, so if possible, don’t spend that precious resource on sitting in update meetings or chatting with coworkers. Get right to your workspace and start your projects. Looking for  more ways to increase personal effectiveness? Here is the key: Ignore email, stay off of the… Read more »

Personal Effectiveness Made Simple: Practice Essentialism

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At EDSI, we are constantly thinking about how to help our clients and colleagues increase personal effectiveness and improve their professional presence. We also work on helping leaders communicate to manage performance.  In all of those areas, one of the common themes that comes up is time management, and how to manage competing priorities, demands,… Read more »

Free Download: 3 Core Requirements for Your Personal Brand

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In the current workplace, who can’t harness and develop the core traits of professional presence will stagnate or lose ground, while others are embracing the new workplace and watching their careers (and lives) speed ahead. Professional Presence is a dynamic blend of behavior and presentation. Competency in professional presence includes communication patterns, image, professional and social… Read more »